Why Baba Rafi?

Why now is it time for kebab business?

Kebab is one of the most popular fast-food in the World. Kebab is 3rd most popular fast food after burgers and fried chicken. When those two main categories already have global chains, kebab has only local chains and independent outlets. Baba Rafi as already the biggest kebab chain has mission to enter new, high quality in international business. We believe that rising consumers consciousness and healthy food movements give opportunities for kebab. Selectively chosen ingredients with properly designed food preparation process can make kabab sandwich or dish very healthy and tasty.

The business began in 2003, with a cart operated by Nilam Sari at Nginden Semolo Street in Surabaya, Indonesia. She built the business due to a journey to Qatar. There, she met many kebab sellers. According to Nilam, the most delicious kebab is from Turkey. She uses the “Turki” trademark for interested customers. The “Baba Rafi” name was taken from Arabian word, “baba” meaning father, and “Rafi” is inspired from her first child’s name, Rafi Darmawan.

In 2005, the business applied the franchise system for growing the business. It expanded to Malaysia, the expansion succeeded. The outlets operate not only in Indonesia, but also in Malaysia and the Philippines.Later, Kebab Turki Baba Rafi has continued its expansion into India, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Bangladesh and other countries around the world.

What make Baba Rafi so unique?

“Innovation” is one of the most important words in the Baba Rafi office. Our kebabs are not just food to us. We work constantly on improving our kebabs taste and experience. Every year we develop new menu items which meet the changing tastes of customers. But the most unique feature of our kebabs is our patented packaging. We solved the problem of many people who really like kebab but do not like the mess that comes with it. Our “pull-up” packaging provides a solution which is totally hassle-free.

Think global act local

Operating in many different markets in different countries we have learned that the world has amazing diversity in tastes. We respect the local taste of our customers. That is why entering a new market is so exciting for us. Our R&D and Branding teams in cooperation with our local and global partners work on adjustments to our menu and our brand for a better customer experience. In addition to our signature traditional kebab tortilla, in every country you can find various types of Baba Rafi’s bread, sauces, meat and even dishes.

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