CSR Baba Rafi Entrepreneur Workshop – For a Better Indonesia

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (KTBR) was started from nothing which is why the management team is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs develop their businesses from scratch. Sessions are focused on providing skills to entrepreneurs that the founders of KTBR had to learn through their experiences. Seminars also include special guest speakers  who are successful in their own fields of business, such as:

  • Evi Diah Puspitasari (International Franchise Business Management)
  • Anton Thedy (owner of hundreds of travel agent in Indonesia, TX Travel)
  • Iim Fahima (CEO of Virtual Consulting and Digital Marcomm Strategist)
  • Indhira Abidin (Fortune PR’s Principal Consultant for Tourism)
  • Yulia Astuti (moz5salon – owner of 40 moslem salon in Indonesia)
  • Susanty Widjaya (owner of Bakmi Naga Restaurant)
  • Susi Raharjo (Owner of INFO FRANCHISE Magazine)
  • Angkie Yudistira (Founder & CEO of Thisable Enterprise)
  • Ollie Salsabila (Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer of

One of these practitioners is invited to participate in the Baba Rafi Entrepreneurship Workshop each day.  For a Better Indonesia is a mentoring program which contains business briefing by management team of PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia. This training focus on young entrepreneurs who have run a business for more than a year and runs for 2 whole weeks. This program works with an average of 15 people per session.

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