• Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (KTBR) is the largest kebab chain in the World. Kebab is one of the most popular fast food around the world but still there is not
  • global player in kebab business. Baba Rafi team has ambitious to change it.
  • KTBR has over 1300 franchise and self-own outlet around Indonesia and more than 60 outlets in 8 countries such us: Malaysia, Phillipines, Srilanka,
  • China, Singapore, Brunei, Netherlands and Bangladesh.
  • KTBR is a pioneer in Indonesian franchise business and absolute leader in kebab market and in chained street food in Indonesia.
  • Founders and owners of KTBR Hendy Setiono and Nilam Sari have been awarded by prestigious organizations around the world such us: EY Enteprenour
  • of the Year 2009(Indonesia), “Asia’s Best Entrepreneur Under 25 Years” – by Business Week, US Goverment, Forbes