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Q: What do we need to be a franchisee of Kebab Turki Baba Rafi?
A: Make sure that you love kebabs! For the full explanation, you should check the Facilities and Conditions section.
Q: What is the procedure to become a franchisee of Kebab Turki Baba Rafi?
A: Please visit the Facilities and Conditions section for more information on becoming a franchisee.
Q: Is the Royalty Fee charged by Kebab Turki Baba Rafi used to promote the brand and support system?

A: Yes. It can be seen in the Investment Types section. Please note that the fixed royalty fee will charged each month for the period of the agreement.

Q: Is that necessary for a Franchisee to provide monthly financial reports to PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia?
A: Yes it is necessary to submit monthly financial reports to Kebab Turki Baba Rafi. These reports allow KTBR to provide the best service to its franchisees as possible.

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Q: What is the size of the space required for the Gerobak, Kedai, Booth, 25 Jam and Indoor outlets?
A: Room size required for type 1 (gerobak) and type 2 (kedai) including operator space is 2 meter x 1 meter. For type 3 (booth) 2 meter x 2 meter is required. The 25 Jam type needs a space 3 meter x 3 meters. The indoor type can be adapted to fit the space provided by the owner of the building.
Q: What are the terms and conditions of the site selection?
A: The ideal location is usually located in the crowded area. For example: shopping malls, colleges, schools, and places passed by slow traffic.
Q: What if I do not get the location? Is there site survey assistance from KTBR? If there is, at what cost?
A: We will help to find a strategic location with a maximum of 3 alternative locations so that the prospective franchisee may choose a convenient location for the outlet. The franchisee is no longer subject to additional charges for a survey.
Q: What if there are already Kebab Turki Baba Rafi outlets near my desired location?
A: It does not matter as long as the radius between the outlets is at least 1 km.
Q: Is it possible to relocate if our location is not doing well?
A: Yes it is possible but relocating an outlet is very unusual. In special cases, for example because the location is not effective, an outlet can be relocated as long as it is not within a radius of 1 km with another outlet.
Q: Is that possible to have only a franchise license without your booth or designs?
A: No it is not possible. Since each franchisee represents KTBR, we have strict standards. Booths, utilities, tools and designs should be in-line with our standard.
Q: When I’ve found the location and paid the commitment fee (CF) 10% of the value, what is next?
A: The next stage would be signing a MoU and then settling the investment value. Outlets along with its utilities will be delivered afterwards.

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Q: How does the process of delivering the outlets work?
A: We will ship the outlet to you through a variety of methods depending on your location.
Q: How much does shipping cost? Who is going to be charged?
A: The fee will be fully-paid by KTBR except for deliveries outside of Java. The cost of investment for clients outside of Java does not include shipping cost.
Q: Does this outlet becomes the property of the franchisee? Can it be taken over later on?
A: The booth and equipment are owned by KTBR. It can be taken over after the length of the agreement in accordance with the franchise agreement.

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Q: Is the franchisee allowed to sell products that are not on the menu? What are the terms and conditions? ?
A: Sorry, they are not allowed, with the exception of the drinks menu (which must get approval from us first).
Q: Is the listed menu prices equal for all of Indonesia?
A: The price will be adjusted according to region. However, if one site has a higher price, it is usually due to the cost of rent and local raw materials.
Q: How is the delivery of raw materials run? Who is going to be charged?
A: Delivery can be by land, air, or sea, and the cost will be covered by the franchisee. To facilitate and accelerate order processing and delivery of raw materials, we will connect you with our stockist in some regions, such as East Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, Solo, Banjarmasin, Makassar and others.
Q: What are the raw materials that must be purchased by the franchisee?
A: The major raw materials that MUST be purchased from Baba Rafi are: kebab meat, tortillas, and packaging. Sauce and mayonnaise can be bought in the market but must be the same brand.
Q: What are the expiration limits of each type of raw material? How can they be stored?
A: The main raw material such as kebab meat and tortillas can hold for 1 year if it is stored in the freezer and in frozen conditions in accordance with procedures. Storage provision will be further described in our Standard Operating Procedures.

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Q: What are the specifications and requirements to become an operator?
A: One must be at least a high school graduate or equivalent, neat, and graduate from employee training program as an outlet operator.
Q: How many hours does an operator work?
A: Eight hours of work is standard but it varies according to the location of the outlet.
Q: What is the standard operator salary?
A: As per the MSE / UMR in the outlet’s region.
Q: Is the operator provided by headquarters?
A: The cost of the investment includes operators already in training. If the franchisee decides to look for the operators themselves, then we will provide training.
Q: Where is the training usually conducted?
A: Training is usually done at the central office or branch. Sometimes it is performed directly in the franchise outlet before the grand opening. Our team will send trainers to outlets outside of Jakarta and Surabaya.